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IP Healthcheck

You want to add value to your business. You are not sure what intellectual property (IP) assets you may have. We can help. We can identify protectable rights in your business. You can choose whether or not to turn those into potentially valuable intellectual property such as Trademarks, Designs, Patents or other forms of IP.

Plant Variety Rights

If you've bred, discovered or developed a plant variety you can have it protected for your benefit. Sometimes called 'Plant Breeders' Rights', these prevent other people from producing or offering your plant for sale. We can secure your rights for the UK, or across Europe depending on your needs. Lasting 25-30 years (depending on the plant type), these can add real value to your business.

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)

Certain innovations such as medicines or plant protection products can have their patent life extended. Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) are a form of intellectual property/IP which extend protection beyond the life of your patent. Keeping competitors off your patch at the end of patent life is a massive commercial advantage. This can be one of the most valuable times to have a monopoly, once your product is already approved and selling well. We can secure these valuable SPCs for you.

Internet Domain Names

Perhaps you've got a new or thriving company. Perhaps you've designed or named a new product. You want to maximise your exposure with a good web site. We can help you register your domain name. Perhaps somebody else has got 'your' domain name. We can help get that reassigned to you. We can deal with Nominet and UDRP complaints and disputes and help resolve them in your favour.

Copyright/Unregistered Rights

Many people do not realise that unregistered rights can sometimes be as valuable as registered rights. We do. However, even unregistered rights are not created 'automatically'. We can help you to ensure that your copyright is created and owned by you. We can help ensure that unregistered designs or databases, or other intellectual property created by you, is protected and managed for your benefit.


Enforcement does not have to mean going to court and paying lawyers' fees. Of course we can litigate for you if that is appropriate. However, we also offer a range of lower cost options. Experience shows these can be extremely effective in deterring competitors. With an armoury of strategies from informally serving your rights on 3rd parties, through having a formal patent office opinion issued, or all the way to a court action, we can help minimise your costs and maximise the value of your intellectual property.

IP Management

Intellectual property portfolios can be complex and time consuming to manage. With our hands-on experience and industry-leading management systems, we can provide support at whatever level you choose, whether that is strategic advice or day-to-day running.

Transactions and Licences

If you acquire or dispose of your intellectual property, we can register the new interests with the relevant authorities. We can maximise your rights and eliminate your liabilities. We can help negotiate licences and permissions. The earlier you involve us, the more we can usually save you in cost.

Script IP provide us with a first class service supporting our in-house corporate team of patent lawyers.

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