Our Services


Just because something is possible, does not mean that it is right for your business. Just because something is complex, does not mean that it should be difficult to understand. Our advice is straight forward, clear and robust. Our services range from low cost informal advice on the kinds of IP (for example, patents, trademarks, designs) that may be protectable, through to obtaining, exploiting, enforcing and defending/attacking IP rights. We also have a wealth of experience in counselling our overseas clients on the nuances of European practice to help streamline their European IP portfolios.

Clients tell us that our approach is refreshing and typically leads to cost and time savings. In particular, we can routinely work on-site, rather than doing everything remotely over the phone or by e-mail. That approach helps us, and you, to work more efficiently and leads to better drafted applications, better argued submissions to Patent Offices and better informed clients. All of that can provide cost savings.

In addition, we can provide all the back-office and support functions required to manage your portfolio. This provides you with not just trusted advisors, but also your own complete in-house intellectual property department.

Please do not hesitate to call for a cost-free initial consultation.

John is proactive, responsive and is able to function independently on a one-to-one footing with our scientists. I can trust him to efficiently deal with the matters in hand and he is a valuable asset to our business.

Professor William Pope, Microbial Solutions Limited