These videos cover a range of real-life situations showing how IP can add value to your business. They will help you to understand the benefits of protecting your intellectual property and the different kinds of protection that are available.

Why do I need to protect my Intellectual Property?

So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product. Is it important to protect your businesses intellectual property?

In this video, Stefan, Guy and Paul demonstrate the important role intellectual property played to the success of their businesses.

Why do I need a Patent Attorney?

So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product. Is it worth hiring a Chartered Patent Attorney to help protect your ideas?

This video covers important questions such as: Reasons for hiring a Chartered Patent Attorney, Different ways that you can protect your intellectual property and What will a Chartered Patent Attorney do for you?

My invention: protecting product development with patents

It is important for inventors and designers to be able to protect their ideas - their intellectual property - and benefit from the time and money they've spent on product development. They can do this with a patent.

How often do you leave a room and forget to switch the light off? Paul Mans is the inventor of a motion sensor which saves energy costs by detecting movement in order to switch lighting on and off.

Paul talks about the importance of protecting intellectual property when making advances in product development.

My invention: building a business from a simple idea with a patent

So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product that is based on a very simple innovation. Is it worth making an investment to protect your product from being copied?

In this video Guy Taylor, Director of The Janger explains how he turned his simple plastic clip into a worldwide business by protecting it with a patent, with the help of his patent attorney.

My invention: should I file for a patent or register a design?

What is the best way to stop your work from being copied? Should you invest in a patent or a registered design? What is the difference?

Stefan Knox of Bang Creations, inventor of the Colandish, talks about the importance of protecting your intellectual property and the difference between patents and registered design rights.

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