Why Choose Us?

How do you choose the IP service that is right for you? You've probably researched the market and may wish to compare us with other firms.

Well, here are five good reasons to choose Script IP for your IP needs.

We regularly meet with you to understand your needs

It's true – some business owners have never been visited by their patent attorney! If you believe, like us, that it's important for a patent attorney to regularly meet with you and to understand your business then that kind of service will fall well short of what you need. We seek to understand your business and where it is heading. We can then provide you with proportionate, appropriate and commercially relevant advice. We ask “why?” – a lot. There is a reason.

We encourage direct access to your inventors

We love learning about how new things work! This is the crux of our job and is why we all became patent attorneys. Our years of experience in working directly on a one-to-one footing with inventors has enabled us to make the process of extracting key information thorough and efficient. Our experience shows time and time again that this results in a much better work product, for everyone’s benefit.

Delivering great value

To us, “great value” means all those extra things that we do for you at no cost. From education and training to all of our tips and tricks that will help to stretch your IP budget a lot lot further. Much of our “great value” is delivered seamlessly without you even noticing it – for example, passing on disbursements at cost, performing currency exchanges at cost and never, ever charging for tasks like photocopying and scanning. We shudder at the thought.

Using technology to deliver excellent service

The IP profession is becoming increasingly internet based. Our streamlined processes and integrated technology allow us to provide a secure and reliable electronic service. Our cloud-based records system provides you with the flexibility to access your electronic records at any time and allows us to work on site as and when you require us. IP is complex enough. Delivering it in a way that suits you shouldn't be.

We are friendly, approachable people who you will enjoy working with.

We enjoy getting to know you and what makes you tick. Our aim is to work with you for the long term so if we can enjoy it along the way then so much the better.

Script IP provide us with a first class service supporting our in-house corporate team of patent lawyers.

Global Head of Intellectual Property, UK Headquartered Manufacturing Company